The Lies and Slander of BEZ
Friday, June 04, 2004
Well I see BubbaBEZ renew his campagin of lies and slander agianst me in his attak blog, threttning to post some lies about an inosent trip to the movies. Like an idoit cotemplating a brite and shinny objet he is facsinated with me, perhaps because a life off the net he has not.

Thursday, May 27, 2004
So, I have not blog in a long time it is true but then unlike some others I have life. I see the madBEZ still at it with his sad litney of lies and slander. He shows one mask to his cristian poltician freinds like David Beezley but the good and descent christain ladies of the net have felt his barbed tants. Proclaming himself to be religios he is baldfaced in his lies.

Well, let him bury his dead horses on his blog of hate and pettiness. He bore me now.


Friday, March 19, 2004
Well, BEZ hit botom today with the caracter assination in his new blog entry, a phoney letter from Tom Rige. These lies and slander stops now. You will here from my lawyers BEZ.

Thursday, March 18, 2004
Well, I see BEZ and his managrie of of "freinds," the primates and eight legged freaks in there imp coats, still up to there old tricks as they plum the slimly depths of the virtual toliet they call home. Yes BEZ sink to new low as he tant and imp a unstable woman, on a religon board yet. At long last BEZ, where is you descency?

BEZ and the other children of the cyper shadows, still kicking and stomping as they exhale there fowl breath into the dusty wastes of there little romper playground, where they play there angst as emotional rants of class warfare as they drink their next "shot" anally.

As for me my reach is global and I have better things to do.


Friday, March 05, 2004
I have not update this blog in a while but unlike some peopel I very busy, yes a very important financal firm depend on me for my expretise. Yes, my reach is global and I have littel time these days to flush the toliet of life.

Well I see my influenze has been felt at Disney. Micheal Esiner has been force out and I for one am not sad. For too long he did nothing while bullyBEZ and his romper cohorts turn the go boards into the shame of Disny, this sewer pond where reptile rompers drive descent poster away and some people like to make rape jokes and brag about they income, well I could boast too about my 6 figure income but that would be beneeth me. Well anyway it seem my efforts pade off as the shareholders sent strong message to Disney brass that they will not tolrate lies and slander on the go boards. I put the word on The Street myself and put bug in ere of some influ - infule - peopel who own a lot of shares.

So tilt at those windmills in you little cesspools while you still can, madBEZ, you days are numbered.

Thursday, February 26, 2004
Well, it seem my exposure of the lies and slander of the bullyBEZ have struck home. He stoop to a new low, thretening me with legal action. Here is the email legal threatletter I got today from his atourney:

February 26, 2004
Author and Publisher of "The Lies and Slander of BEZ" Weblog

Dear "RogUe":

This firm represents BadassBEZARK, a distinguished Contributing Editor of Spank magazine, and an author and contributor to Whack! magazine, Big Beastly Beautiful Babes magazine, and a host of other scientific journals, too numerous to mention. It has come to our client's attention that you have posted false and defamatory statements about him on your "weblog," "The Lies and Slander of BEZ." The name you have chosen for your "blog" is most unfortunate, and, we believe, defamatory per se. Moreover, you posted a private family photograph of Mr. BEZARK, depicting him in an unflattering manner. You have additionally posted numerous libelous statements regarding Mr. BEZARK on your "blog." Mr. BEZARK is a pillar of his community, with a sterling, unblemished reputation. Your scurrilous statements about him, and your theft and publication of his private photos, are are all actionable torts subjecting you to actual and punitive damages.

Determining your identity for the purpose of making service of process can be easily accomplished through a subpoena to

Keeping that in mind, be advised that Mr. BEZARK demands that you delete your entire weblog, and cease and desist from making false and defamatory statements about Mr. BEZARK in the future. This is your opportunity to resolve this matter without legal expense and exposure to liability and damages. If the offending blog is not removed within 72 hours, further legal action will be taken.


Aloysius Colagnt, Esq.

So, this his tatic to silenze the truth. Well, I not afraid of bullyBEZ. True I stole that pitcher but he posted it once before, I beleeve, so all is fair. "Pillar of his community." What community, BEZ, the bums and drunks under the bridge community?

Come and get me. I dare you!

Friday, February 20, 2004
Well, the madBEZ lies and slander reaching a new pich of revisionist hystrionics as he post fake picture of me on his attack blog al Bezeera. That not me and I can prove it, I have a freiend who will atest to that. He will be glad to tell of his expereince with the demented stalker BEZ.

It burns BEZ I'm holding the brass ring Of a happy life while he have to play these games, his hate shows, his deceit and yes his envy. It not just me. He attack anyone and everyone that reveals the self appointed monitor of board virtue not only has not cloths but can't stop playing with himself.
Speaking volumes

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